Recycling is a great way to be environmentally conscious and reuse things instead of throwing them in the trash.

Golf balls are no exception to this rule, as there are many golfers who use recycled golf balls when they play golf.

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Recycled golf balls are those that have been used, and sometimes they can be almost new.

In this article, we are going to talk about what recycled golf balls are, as well as how and where you can find them. You might be able to find the perfect ones for a round of golf with friends! So, put that fancy Titleist away for now and read on.

What’s the difference between recycled and refurbished golf balls?

When it comes to golf balls there are many different ones to choose from. This is also true when you want to purchase used golf balls.

There are generally two kinds of used golf balls: recycled and refurbished. Let’s explain each one, then we can talk about the benefits of used golf balls.

Recycled golf balls are balls that have been used and most often been lost on the course.

A high percentage of these golf balls are lost in a pond or water hazards.

Golf balls that have been recycled come in a wide range of conditions. The quality of these golf balls is generally not as high because they have been through some wear and tear from being hit on the ground or into water hazards.

Most often recycled golf balls are washed, then repacked and shipped off to be resold. When you purchase recycled golf balls you are getting a lucky dip to some degree. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you are aware of what you are getting.

Generally, you will receive a range of balls from new-looking down to a couple that look like they have been through the grass cutter. Most often though, you will receive some that are in awesome condition and this is where you will find the true value.

Refurbished golf balls go through a little more before being sold again than just a wash. They get sorted and then cleaned. The best of these golf balls are separated to be resold ‘as new’.

Others get washed and re-coated with paint, if needed, before being returned to the market for sale. Even the name sometimes can be reprinted onto the refurbished balls.

The end result is a golf ball that looks new and will most often perform almost as well.

The cost of the golf balls that are refurbished will vary depending on where you purchase them from.

Normally they will be quite a bit cheaper than new golf balls.

If you are trying to choose between these two options, you need to remember that the refurbished ones will last longer.

However, they are also more expensive due to having been through those extra processes to make them look and perform like new.

Are recycled golf balls worth buying?

Of course, for what you get and the price. Recycled golf balls are one of the greenest ways to enjoy this game that people love. In some cases, they can be nearly new and in others used a little more, but still good enough for a round or two at your home course.

And while not every used golf ball is perfect, most of the time they are in nice shape and ready for play. Recycling golf balls doesn’t just help the environment; it also saves you money, which is something that we should all appreciate.

Are Recycled as Good as New Balls?

Some of these golf balls are as good as new ones. They have been through a process of being cleaned to make them look like new again. And sometimes some of these golf balls were still new when they were lost on the golf course.

So, even if they aren’t new, they can perform as well as new ones. Just remember, when you buy a bucket of recycled balls, that you are getting a mixture, so they won’t all be like this.

Performance: How do Recycled Golf Balls Perform Compared to New?

Performance wise, recycled balls are typically the same as new balls. In fact, a used ball will only lose a few feet of distance compared to a new one in some instances. There have been numerous tests done on this by golfing enthusiasts far and wide.

The results differ slightly depending on the type of ball and how much a person hits it, but for the most part recycled balls perform just as well as new ones.

Obviously, a badly scuffed ball will not perform as well, but it would need to have a lot of scuffing before the performance is noticeably different.

The recycled balls are priced cheaper than new ones, so many golfers see them as an affordable option. With their great performance and lower price they may be what you’re looking for in your next ball purchase!

Does Water Ruin Pro Golf Balls?

There is a lot of information out there on water damage to golf balls. To be fair, a lot of this information is conflicting and confusing. So, how being new or old would affect a golf ball if it ended up in water.

First off, the brand-new golf ball – fresh out of the box.

If this ball ends up in the water, it’s not going to be damaged at all.

The water won’t affect the ball’s ability to fly in the air or on a green. Even though it will be wet, it should dry out just fine.

Second, is an older ball that has been hit several times and is scuffed or cut. In this case there can definitely be some damage done by water, but it is not always permanent.

The basic theory here that you should remember is that the longer a ball is in the water the more likely it will affect its performance.

Generally speaking, a golf ball that has minimal damage and is in the water for a shorter time may lose up to a couple of yards. However, a ball that’s been in the water for a longer period may lose up to 20 yards depending on how much water has been taken on.

Bear in mind that the older golf balls will not always recover fully once dried either, so some distance loss will be permanent. This all comes down to the type of water, the duration in which it’s been submerged and how much damage has occurred.

Do Unused Golf Balls Keep or Go Bad?

Unused golf balls can last a long time. Depending on what the ball is made of, it may somehow affect it, but nothing that will cause a big problem. So, if you want to store some of them for a while, that is an option.

They are best stored at room temperature, not in a hot garage or in the sun.

Also avoid putting them in the freezer as this cools your golf balls and will slow them down.

And, if you want to, you can keep your prized golf balls for 100 years, too.

Here’s a clip of a 100-year-old golf ball being used for a game of golf. Although those old balls go a shorter distance and have less spin, they still work ok.

This just proves you can keep your golf balls for as long as you like.

Conclusion: Recycled Balls for Golf?

Why not, you get what you pay for. Recycled balls are a lucky dip, and it is impossible to know what you are getting when you buy them.

But the point is you will receive a mixture of playable golf balls. Some may not be as good as others, but if you check the seller out for quality and their reviews, you will get an idea pretty quickly whether it’s worth buying from them.

Also, if you’re not a pro golfer but somebody who is learning to play golf and does not have a huge budget, then recycled balls could be perfect for you.

Lastly, be sure to check out the range of golf balls we have put together; they all have pretty impressive feedback and are all used. Happy golfing.

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