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If you are looking for a comfortable chair to sit in while relaxing on your back patio, deck or while camping, you’ll want to check out the various options of Adirondack chairs.

They lend a timeless look with their first known use in 1906 that draws attention and works well with modern patio designs.

three recycled plastic adirondack chairs in a row

They are perfect for sitting in for hours and enjoying the weather with family and friends. 

Although most Adirondack chairs share similar characteristics, the material they are made from can make a huge impact on maintenance and the environment.

Repurposed and recycled plastic chairs are not only environmentally friendly, but they also add charm to any outdoor space. And, no trees need to be cut down just so you can enjoy extra comfort.   

Adirondack chairs have a sloping effect that is designed for reclining into a comfortable position. They typically have wide armrests that allow you to rest your cup of coffee or tea on and can easily hold a plate of food. 

Which is Better: A Plastic or Wooden Adirondack Chair?

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When it comes to deciding which material is better for an Adirondack chair, it really comes down to how much time you want to spend maintaining them or how much you care about the environment.

Many high-quality plastic options can have similar price tags to the all-wood options, but require a lot less maintenance. 

Adirondack chairs made from solid wood can naturally resist some sun and weather damage, but they will still need to be treated with a stain or wood sealer each year.

Some Adirondack chairs are made from high-quality resins, which can easily be mistaken for wood due to their similar appearance.

adirondack chairs

However, these wouldn’t need nearly as much maintenance. 

One of the advantages of plastic Adirondack chairs is that they are lighter than the wood ones and can be kept clean with just a sponge and mild detergent when needed.

Some will come with a UV-protective coating or other additives that help protect and make the plastic more resistant to outdoor elements. 

When both types of chairs are left outside all year long, the wood ones will deteriorate much faster than the plastic options. You can easily keep a recycled plastic Adirondack chair for 10+ years, where wood ones will depend on how well they have been cared for through the years.  

What is the Best Material for an Adirondack Chair?

If you love the look of wooden Adirondack chairs, but don’t want to deal with all the high maintenance, then a chair made from recycled plastics is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for the best of both worlds. 

They are easy to maintain and keep clean, plus often they have the look and feel of authentic wood chairs. You won’t ever need to sand, stain, waterproof or repaint this type of Adirondack chair. 

Furniture made from recycled plastics is often mistakenly called POLYWOOD furniture. Let’s see what the difference between the two is.


POLYWOOD is a proprietary High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the formula of which was developed by Poly-Wood LLC. Founded in 1990, the company produces outdoor furniture, the brand of which carries the name POLYWOOD Furniture.

Their first ever manufactured piece of furniture was an Adirondack chair. All their products are proudly made in the United States of America. 

Genuine POLYWOOD lumber is made of 99% recycled land or ocean-sourced plastics including milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, cleaning and personal care product containers and bottles.

These plastics are turned into HDPE, which is an exceptionally tough type of plastic, the main benefit of which is infinite recyclability. It is low maintenance and easy to take care of year after year.

polywood lumber fence

POLYWOOD lumber won’t chip, peel, crack, rot and is fade-resistant.

You’ll never have to worry about sanding, staining and painting your POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs because they don’t ever require any of these maintenance procedures.

POLYWOOD outdoor furniture is built to withstand all seasons and climates.

No wonder the company backs up their products that are made of their proprietary material with a 20 year warranty under normal use and service conditions (see for details their warranty policy for other products). 

Is a Plastic POLYWOOD Adirondack Chair All Weather?

Yes, the plastic POLYWOOD Adirondack chairs are made from recycled and eco-friendly plastics that can withstand all the weather elements from nature. 

Do you prefer folding POLYWOOD Adirondack Chairs?

In that case, check out this POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack Chair. It’s built with comfort in mind and can withstand even the most potent elements that come from snowstorms, coastal salt and winds. 

What’s a Lifetime Plastic Adirondack Chair?

First off, Lifetime is just another brand, under the Lifetime Products company banner. This company also makes Adirondack chairs among other things, however, their products are made of weather-resistant UV-protected Polystyrene.

This plastic is durable and the products made of it will not splinter, crack, rust, peel, chip or rot. However, the Adirondack chairs from Lifetime Products come with only a 2-year warranty.

Lifetime chairs also have a look and feel of wood without the maintenance. They are stain resistant and will never need to be varnished or painted. They come with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble them. Check out this Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair: 

Polyethylene Plastic Outdoor Furniture

There are many different brands that use HDPE plastics or similar to produce incredible eco-friendly outdoor furniture. Below are two examples of some of the best looking outdoor HDPE furniture pieces that resemble real wood.

You’ll be able to instantly see the appeal and want to know what other options there are that are made from this durable material. 

POLYWOOD Traditional Gliding Garden Bench (48 Inch)

This traditional-style garden bench has a look and feel of natural wood, but is made from high-quality POLYWOOD  lumber. It’s perfect for those lazy days when you just want to gently glide back and forth while enjoying a nice breeze. 

This product doesn’t require any time-consuming maintenance such as waterproofing, painting or staining. It won’t chip, peel, crack or give you splinters.

And, you won’t have to take your expensive stockings off before you sit down after a crazy day at the office to unwind.

The plastic it is made of is resistant to a multitude of elements, including mold, salt and other stresses caused by the outdoor environment.  

This chair pairs well with POLYWOOD’s OT53 Ottoman, the XPWP0106 headrest pillow, XPWS0008 seat cushion, and the XPWF0010 full cushion.

And, by the way, there is a great selection of cushions on Amazon available.

POLYWOOD Traditional Gliding Garden Bench
  • Multiple Colors
  • 90% recycled materials
  • ECO-Friendly
  • Solid construction 
  • Made in the USA

Ehomexpert Outdoor Adirondack Chair with Ottoman

These weather-resistant chairs are an excellent option for patios, gardens, taking to the beach or putting on your pool deck. They come in a gorgeous navy blue and can add character to any outdoor space.

The ergonomic fanback is designed to naturally align with the curves in your back, promising a comfortable sitting position each time you sit down.

It comes with a retractable ottoman for putting your feet up into the ultimate relaxation position.  

These chairs are made from HDPE and stainless steel screws, which can resist most weather elements and prevent fading, cracking, and splinters.

They are incredibly easy to install and only require soap and water to keep clean.     

Ehomexpert Outdoor Adirondack Chair with Ottoman
  • Easy Maintenance
  • DIY Assembly
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Relax by the Pool
  • Slide away ottoman

Why are Plastic Adirondack Chairs so Expensive?

Plastic Adirondack Chairs are typically more expensive because of their ability to last a long time without any significant maintenance needed.

Unlike wooden chairs, they don’t need to be sanded, treated, stained or painted and can easily be cleaned with just a bucket of soapy water and a brush or a cloth. 

The plastic that is used in the most expensive options is exceptionally durable and designed to last many years without any worries. They usually come with a no-hassle warranty and are considered all-weather purpose. 

Do Plastic Adirondack Chairs Fade?

Plastic Adirondack chairs that have UV protection applied during the manufacturing process should not fade throughout the lifetime of the chair. This process extends the life of the chair and makes it low-maintenance.

In fact, you can even allow standing water to sit on these chairs after a storm and it will not affect the color as long as they have that UV protection sealing or coating. 

So, regardless of the color of chairs you have chosen for your patio, yard, deck or any other location, you will be able to enjoy the vibrant color year after year without worrying about any fading or discoloration.  

Below we have researched some of the best Adirondack chairs on the market today.

We’ve taken into consideration the cost, maintenance, options and desired comfort when looking for the perfect chairs to compliment your outdoor living space. 

old faded wood adirondack chair

Whether you are after a budget-friendly option or a luxurious three-piece set that comes with a connecting plate to put your food and drinks on or a set with an Ottoman, we’ve got you covered!  

Top 5 Picks Crafted from Recycled Plastics

POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack – Best Recycled Plastic Chair

If you’ve been thinking about getting Adirondack chairs for your patio, deck or backyard, but you don’t have much space in your backyard and prefer to put them away when not in use, here is the solution you have been waiting for. 

These incredible Adirondack chairs can conveniently fold flat to be stored in your garage or shed. They are also an excellent option for transporting back and forth to the beach whenever you want to relax by the water with your feet in the sand. 

POLYWOOD chairs are made from proprietary POLYWOOD lumber (recycled plastics) and are strong enough to withstand all weather conditions. They won’t chip, peel, crack or give you splinters, like chairs made from real wood would. 

They are super comfortable featuring relaxing seat height and curves to follow your body. Classic POLYWOOD Adirondacks come in multiple colors to choose from.     

What we loved about this chair:

  • Made in the USA 
  • Solid, heavy-duty, marine-grade quality hardware 
  • Come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Super easy for transporting and storage
  • Matching Ottoman and cushions can be purchased from the same manufacturer 
  • Minimum DIY with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • ‘Expert Assembly’ option for extra cost
POLYWOOD Classic Folding Adirondack Chair
  • Built to withstand most climates
  • Lightweight
  • Folds Flat
  • Long Warranty
  • No rotting

PHAT TOMMY Recycled Poly-Resin Balcony Adirondack Chair 

If you are looking to create your own outdoor oasis, then you will love this eco-friendly, comfortable and relaxing Adirondack chair that is durable and requires very little maintenance.

You’ll have plenty of time to spend relaxing and enjoying lovely weather and a cocktail or a beer without worrying about maintaining its appearance.

It’s made from a robust recycled poly-resin, which is long-lasting and environmentally-friendly. It comes in 9 vibrant colors to make your relaxation spot brighter. 

This chair can add charm to any outdoor space, including pool decks, patios, terraces, balconies, gardens or any other spot you want to relax in. You’ll thoroughly enjoy coming home after a long day’s work to wind down in one of these unique chairs. 

What we loved about this chair:

  • Hand-crafted in the USA
  • Includes 10-year warranty  
  • DIY with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • ‘Expert assembly’ option for extra cost
  • The largest weight capacity with up to 450 pounds
Phat Tommy Tall Adirondack
  • Tall Adirondack Chair
  • Made in the USA
  • All Weather
  • Awesome Colors
  • Long Warranty

Keter Furniture Patio Adirondack Chair with Cup Holder

If you are after a chair designed for the beach or backyard parties, you are going to love this popular Adirondack chair by Keter. The cup holder adds an extra convenience of having a place to put your drink regardless of where you are sitting. 

These Adirondacks are made from all-weather polypropylene resin. They are also rust-proof and extremely durable. And just like with the other options above, with these there will be no warping, chipping, peeling or dents, which means zero maintenance will be required. 

These chairs with their lightweight design will add more character to your front porch, deck, outdoor patio or even around the campfire.

They are super comfortable and come in three trendy color choices to match your stylish patio décor: classic black, classic white and teal. If you want to add a splash of color and comfort to your backyard, check these out now.   

Keter’s Adirondacks can hold up to 350lb of weight and come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please note that this product also comes with easy to follow assembly instructions, however, there is no ‘Expert Assembly’ option provided.

What we loved about these chairs:

  • Can be purchased singularly or in a pair
  • Convenient cup holder
  • Keter Plastic Ltd supports local communities
Keter Adirondack Chair
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Cup Holder
  • Lightweight
  • All-Weather
  • Tree Colors

WestinTrends Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair with Connecting Plate Set of 3

If you are looking for a patio or garden chair set that offers comfortable seating and a connecting table for food and drinks, you need to check this one out. It’s ideal for a balcony, terrace or small space that needs some extra attention. 

The unique design with comfort in mind provides an extra wide seating surface. Its stylish wood grain finish will draw attention and be admired by your guests.  

This chair is perfect for entertaining and the high-quality durable HDPE material gives you more time to enjoy your days rather than maintaining your patio furniture. You can set these up in minutes and use them for parties or just relaxing. 

WestinTrends Adirondacks can hold up to 350lb of weight 

What we loved about this set:

  • Connecting table for more comfortable use
  • DIY with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Long Lasting
Malibu 3-Piece Adirondack Set
  • Easy Assembly
  • Classic Look
  • Durable Plastic
  • All Weather
  • Easy Fold

Lifetime Faux Simulated Wood Adirondack Chair 

If you want the look, texture and feel of authentic wood in real wood colors, then this Faux Simulated Wood Adirondack chair is perfect. Your friends and family members won’t be able to tell the difference and you don’t need to tell your little secret, if you don’t want to. 

Just like with the options above, these are weather-resistant, will not crack, chip, peel or rot. While being constructed a UV protection is applied for a non-fade effect. They are also stain resistant and easy to clean.

You’ll be able to enjoy all the beauty of natural wood without all the upkeep and maintenance needed to keep this chair looking great. It’s the perfect way to add elegance and character to any outdoor space without worrying about any maintenance to keep it looking nice all year long.  

Lifetime Adirondacks are capable of holding up to 300 Pounds and come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What we loved about this chair:

  • Real wood colors
  • DIY with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • 2 year warranty
  • Looks like real wood
Simulated Wood Adirondack Chair
  • UV Protection
  • Looks like wood
  • Modern Look
  • Ready to Assemble
  • Classic comfortable design


If you want an attractive looking chair that is classic, timeless and sustainable as well as the one that will last for years to come, then you need to check out all the options listed above.

Each of them is versatile and stylish, comes in various colors and styles to match any decor and theme. 

All Adirondacks above are suitable for both indoor or outdoor use.

You won’t need to worry about any maintenance other than a quick wash with a bit of soap and water every now and then.

If you are looking for simplicity, these Adirondack chairs offer everything you need to relax more and enjoy life!

red recycled plastic adirondack chair at a lake