Do you have a vinyl record collection that is taking up too much space?

Or maybe you just want to repurpose some of your less favorite old records. Then check this article out.

We are going to explain how vinyl records can be reused by making them into wall clocks!

vinyl records made into clocks

We will look into ‘Do It Yourself’ options for making your own vinyl clock, as well as point you to a few different options of ready to purchase vinyl clocks.

If you are keen on doing it yourself, then there are even kits, which can be purchased and are easy to use for making your very own handmade vinyl record wall clock.

What Can You Make Out Of An Old Vinyl Record?

There are so many things that you can make out of an old vinyl record. It really is a shame that many people just throw them away. Vinyl records can be turned into so many different things, which makes them unique and useful!

There are vinyl record lamps, bowls, signs, cupcake stands, side tables and of course clocks, to mention a few. They actually make many things, which can be used in your home or even just to give as gifts.

If you have old vinyl records that are not listened to anymore, then consider recycling them by turning them into something new and useful! So, from here on, we will be talking about vinyl record wall clocks and what kinds can be made from old records.

How Do You Turn Vinyl Records Into Vinyl Clocks?

If you’re looking to make your own vinyl record wall-mounted clock, then the simplest way to do so is with a kit. There are plenty of different DIY kits, which can be purchased online or in store, and they really do make things incredibly easy.

These kits come with everything you need to make your own basic wall clock. Follow a few simple instructions, and you’ll have your new vinyl clock working in no time.

Now, there are many other ways to make vinyl record clocks, but they are most likely better left to the experts to make as the equipment needed can be costly. It’s possible to turn vinyl into a work of art by way of laser cutting, for example.

This is a precision way of making vinyl record clocks that look pristine and will stand out in any room with modern home decor.

Another way, which is more often used for other things rather than a clock, is to apply heat to the record, allowing it to be bent or stretched in order to be reshaped. Depending on the look that is being sought after, this can create some outstanding artistic designs.

So, there are a ton of different ways to turn vinyl records into clocks, and we’ve only just scratched the surface! If you’re after a ready-made clock that’s made from a vinyl record, then the options are endless, as you’ll see below.

Vinyl Record Movement and Clock Making Kit

If you’re going to make your own vinyl record clock, then you’re going to need a movement piece for it all to work.

A basic kit like the ones below comes with all that you need to make a fantastic, simple vinyl clock.

These kits include everything you’ll need:

  • Clock hands
  • Motor
  • Nuts for attaching
  • Numbers (in some kits)

The only other things you are going to need, are tools, a vinyl record and a battery.

If you choose to make your own clock without a kit, then be aware that there are other essential components like hands and numbers, which will need purchasing or cutting out yourself, if you prefer.

If you want numbers, be sure to select a kit that comes with them, and you’ll soon be able to start constructing your very own vinyl record timepiece for the wall.

Different Kinds of Vinyl Clocks

Vinyl clocks come in many different shapes and sizes, but the most common is a round wall clock.

The timepieces that are made from vinyl records can be found in various styles, as you’ll see below. Which ones you choose will depend on what mood you’re going for or where it will hang.

There are some other fantastic options like laser-cut record clocks that look awesome!

They’re great modern home decorations with their unique designs, and they make beautiful pieces to show off at any party, function or get together; especially if they have been personalized by hand painting them.

It’s also possible to have them laser-cut and customized to look and say what you want.

If you’re after something more simple, then check out the turntable style classic option, which has a retro feel to it. All of these clocks come fully assembled, so all you need to do is put batteries in and install it onto the wall.

Then you can sit back and enjoy your classy looking vinyl record that tells the time.

Acrylic Paint on a Vinyl Record

If you like a nice shiny finish and colors, then acrylic paint or a technique called acrylic pouring could be a great way to decorate and personalize your vinyl record clock.

It’s also possible to add things like names, messages and even dates onto the surface. This is an incredibly popular technique, which produces some stunning results. But, be warned, it can take some time to do yourself in order to produce a desired outcome.

There are plenty of ready-made options to choose from, and each of them is a magnificent way of brightening up any room in the house. Old vinyl is easily turned into record clocks, which are often works of art.

If this is the design you are looking for, then be sure to check out these colorful clocks – all made from old vinyl and painted to make a perfect timepiece to hang on a wall in your apartment or house.

Laser-Cut Vinyl Clock

One of the more popular uses for an old vinyl record of late is to make a laser cut clock. This is done by taking the vinyl record and laser-cutting through parts of it, which then results in a certain design or picture of your choice being imprinted.

This type of design can be customized by changing what is cut into the vinyl record. You can cut a personal message or just about anything else that comes to mind! The possibilities are endless with laser-cut wall clocks made from vinyl records.

There’s also other kinds like the retro style option for those, who want something more simple, but equally classy-looking. So, pick the one you like and that will suit your home the most.

With plenty of laser-cut options to choose from that are ready-made, there is virtually no point in trying to make your own. And it’s just another example of taking something and repurposing it instead of it going into the trash.

There are so many people recycling these vinyl records that it’s got to be making a difference.

Custom Made Vinyl Clocks

If you are hunting for something more unique, then there are plenty of options to choose from that will give you the results, which are just what you want. If you have a design in mind or a picture you want cut into your vinyl, there are plenty of custom services out there.

Check these businesses out below; they all offer custom work, if that is the route you are after.

Personalized Vinyl Record Clocks

Are you looking to buy a vinyl record that tells the time as a gift? It would definitely be a different and cool gift to give to someone. Even better would be to have it personalized with the name of the person you give this to as a present.

This is all achievable, just tell the seller to add the name and any special message that you may want to add during purchasing.

This customization will make the piece a perfect gift and something that’s a little out of the ordinary.

Vinyl Record Clock Retro

Are you after something that’s a little simpler and more of a retro look? Then go for the classic option. This type of clock has a vintage look to it because it’s made from an old vinyl, giving you that retro look.

If you’re into everything retro, then this kind of vinyl record timekeeper is perfect to hang on the wall. Just a simple classic look, nothing more.

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Vinyl Record LP Clocks with Built-In LED Light

Want to spruce up your new timekeeper on the wall? Just add LED lighting to the inside or the back of your clock.

This will give it that extra something and make sure you can easily read what time it is even in a dark room or if it’s early morning, when others are still asleep!

LED lights are easily sourced online and are not complicated to install. Just choose which ones you prefer and how you would like them to work. For example, a switch, remote or via an app – the choice is yours.

There are even plenty of these wall hanging records that come with LED lighting already built-in too, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just choose the design you want, put it up on the wall and start enjoying it.


So, there you have it; all the information that you need to know about vinyl record clocks and how they can be made.

And, we pointed you to some sources on where to find these kinds of items, in case you’re not into making them yourself because you don’t have time. Use these to get what you want at an economical price while helping to recycle for a greener planet!

There are plenty of options available, so make sure you check everything out first before deciding which one is going to suit you best.

And, lastly, keep checking back for more updates here, as we continue to add new recycled products. Recycling those old vinyl records has got our vote 100%

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