How to Remove a Broken Light Bulb with a Potato | 5 Steps

How many times have you been in a pinch and needed to remove a broken light bulb from its socket?

If you don’t have any tools on hand like pliers or a handy bulb remover, don’t worry!

There is another easy way to remove a bulb that’s been broken from a lamp or socket.

remove a broken light bulb with a potato

You would never know how handy potatoes could be.

The Five Steps to Remove a Broken Light Bulb using Potatoes

Here are five easy steps for removing a broken light bulb with a potato to get lights back working in a hurry.

Simply read on and follow these 5 steps to easily remove and replace your broken light bulb.

The First Step: Preparation for the Bulb’s Removal

Clean up any broken glass that may be in the way from when the light broke. Next get a ladder if needed and bring it to the location of your broken light bulb.

Now you’ll be able to reach the light bulb, to unscrew it from the socket and remove it with a potato.

Step Two: Preparing the Potato

Take a good-sized potato making sure it’s not too large otherwise it won’t fit into the bulb socket enclosure. Now, cut it in half making sure the cut is reasonably straight.

Then dry the potato, so you don’t have any excess water on it.

This will make it easier when we use it by preventing any water dropping, possibly causing another hazard.

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Step Three: Turning Off the Power to the Light Socket

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It is most important that you turn off the power to your home.

This will prevent anything unfortunate from happening such as electrocution or even a fire in worst case scenarios. You can turn on your breakers once you’re done!

You can do this by going to the breaker box and turning off the particular circuit you need, if you are not sure which one it is, it would be best to turn them all off.

If you’re taking the bulb out of a lamp then you will need to unplug the lamp from any power source.

Step Four: Removing the Broken Bulb

So, now you’re ready to remove the bulb. First set up your ladder, if needed, so you can reach the broken bulb.

Now, take your potato and place it around the base of the light bulb. Then Gently push it onto the broken light bulb until it is firmly fixed.

Next, twist the potato to unscrew and remove it from the socket. After you have removed the broken light bulb you can replace it with a new one.

Step Five: Install the New Bulb and Cleanup

Take your potato and bulb and dispose of it in a thoughtful manner. Generally speaking you could separate your broken bulb and dispose of the potato into compost and wrap the bulb for disposal.

Just be aware that the potato may now have shards of glass inside it.

You are now ready to take out your new bulb and screw it in. Simple as that! Pack up your ladder and turn the power back on. Enjoy being able to see from your light again.

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Is It Better to Use a Broken Light Bulb Remover?

If you have to remove broken light bulbs on a regular basis, then it may be worth buying a broken bulb remover.

While some people choose to use the potato method for occasional occurrences, others find that the cost of purchasing a broken bulb remover made the job a lot easier.

If it’s urgent, and you need to remove your broken bulb then the potato method can be handy to get you out of a pitch.

Otherwise, you may consider one of these more modern light bulb removal methods below.


So there you have it, five quick and easy steps to removing a broken light bulb with a potato.

If you’re in a pickle and need to remove a broken light bulb in a hurry, then use this handy potato bulb remover guide for five steps on how to do it with a potato.

Good luck!

easy way to remove a broken light bulb